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Museum excursions 20.02.2014

Museum excursions

Bunker-42 what is it?

It is the huge military and historical museum and the cultural entertainment complex created on once secret object of the USSR. Also there is all this at a depth of 65 meters, representing, really, something improbable.

We guarantee you a storm of positive emotions and impressions! The Bunker-42 is rather unique place which we could make available to everyone! Units of the declassified bunkers the entrance in which will be free and safe for this reason to us constantly there come tourists from the different countries and the cities are known only. Still nobody remained dissatisfied, on the contrary, people came again and again once again to see and appreciate this power.

In our bunker you will be able to visit the most interesting excursions at which you will have an opportunity to see in exposition halls such antiques as: the Soviet radio stations, suits of chemical protection, gas masks, the Geiger counter, the Soviet posters also it is only small part of that you expects!1.jpg

The having atmosphere of the bunker allows to experience that thin side which separated the world from the beginning of nuclear war, and our guides will illuminate you at the key moments of history marked with a security classification. Such you yet didn't see … That costed only by imitation of nuclear explosion and rocket start! The fighting spirit for all day is guaranteed!

2.jpg You as can participate in game taking spirit. In dark corridors of a brutal look you should face own fear, to overcome it and to come out from the bunker the winner.

The bunker offers the platforms for carrying out various actions and possibility of an embodiment of any, even the most daring ideas. Think, your holiday in such surprising and unusual place will be how exclusive. Such event remains in memory both at you and at your friends.


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